JOB TITLE: Lifeguard


  • High School graduate or college student preferred

  • Minimum completed 10th grade  

  • Minimum 16 years of age         

  • Current American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Certificate   2019 Certification info: HERE   

  • Current American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certificate

  • Successfully complete the facility’s lifeguard test


  • Previous experience in aquatic operations preferred


  • Knowledge of principles and practices of facility rules,  policies, and procedures

  • Ability to maintain discipline, analyze questions asked by park patrons and provide  thoughtful and cognizant answers and analyze and make decisions

  • Ability to perform first aid if necessary

  • Able to teach swimming and work with children

  • Excellent physical condition and able to lift and/or             carry heavy weights, if necessary

  • Familiar with installation, use and maintenance of all       types of swimming pool equipment


  • Neat appearance, pleasant personality and ability to      command respect

  • Observe all rules and regulations

  • Learn all aspects of the Wetlands Emergency Action Plan  and be ready to respond quickly to emergency situations

  • Administer emergency first aid to victims of an injury

  •  Communicate with other lifeguards and aquatic staff         regarding the need for  assistance and/or equipment

  • Share in handling of grievances and/or discipline cases  involving park patrons

  • Observe all water areas and assure the maximum safety of all pool patrons

  • Assist with swimming instruction

  • Assist the Water Park Director in any phase of the pool’s operation not outlined above


  • Attend all in-service training programs and be aware of all facility programs and scheduling

  • Educate park patrons and inform them of the purpose      of and need for rules

  • Assist parents or family members in locating missing child or relative

  • Complete required records and reports on time

  • Carry out all additional duties, including opening and        closing cleaning duties as assigned by supervisory staff

  • Opening and closing safety check of area and equipment

  • Assist in keeping facility, especially pool/deck clean of    debris and refuse


  • Head Lifeguard and Seasonal Water Park Manager